Move Out Apartment Cleaning: How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

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When moving out of an apartment, the one thing you are working towards doing is getting the area clean enough, so you get your security deposit back. How well you clean your place determines whether or not you get that money back, so taking the time to do it the right way will only help you in the end. Get your cleaning gloves on, grab your all-purpose cleaner and let’s get to work with these tips from Cheap Sacramento Movers (1601 Alhambra Blvd #100, Sacramento, CA 95816, (916) 584-9939)!

All-Over Cleaning

If you have holes where picture frames or other decorations were hanging, be sure to remove all nails and putty in the holes to make the wall smooth again. Grab a duster and dust off every surface including baseboards, window sills, blinds, cabinets and all ledges. Clean all doorknobs, doors, outlet covers, light fixtures, light switches and walls with an antibacterial wipe to kill any germs and wipe off anything you might not have known about. Make sure all carpeted areas are vacuumed, and stains are gone from the floor, if necessary, hire a professional to clean the carpets.


In all of the bathrooms, it is important for you to remove all soap scum from showers or bathtubs and use bleach to clean these areas as well. Take the time to vacuum out the drawers and remove all build up and loose hairs that might be hanging out in the corners. You will want to clean the toilet, vanity, mirror, and floors to make them sparkle how they did when you first moved in. Double check to make sure the exhaust fan is clean and if it needs to be cleaned use a wipe or vacuum to get all dust off of it.


In the kitchen, you need to make sure all of your personal belongings are emptied from the pantry and cabinets. If you placed cabinet liners inside your cabinets, be sure to remove and clean under them. Wash the front of your cabinets with a wood cleaner to make them shine and remove any spills or other grime build up. Clean the faucet and sink to make it shine as well and use a cabinet cleaner to get all excess crumbs or food off. One of the toughest parts to clean is the refrigerator, but it is necessary to take the time and clean all shelves and get all build up or food crumbs out. Take out your appliances and clean behind them to make sure you get all traces of food out for the next person who will live there.


Once all of your personal belongings are packed away, you need to make sure all baseboards are clean, carpet is vacuumed, and light fixtures are dusted to get your deposit back.

If you are unsure whether or not you should clean an area of your apartment, go ahead and clean it to be sure. The goal of cleaning should be to make it just as clean, or cleaner than it was when you first moved in. When the landlord enters your apartment to evaluate it and get it ready for the next tenant, they need to smell the freshness and be surprised at how well you cleaned. If you do each of those things, you will be sure to get your security deposit back!

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